48 hours transit in Dubai

48 hours transit in Dubai

Many flights mean that you will almost for sure transit via some main city. This time we took advantage of it and decided to stay for longer than a few hours airport run from terminal to terminal in the city of our transit. The first time it was Dubai, which we wanted to visit for so long. I was sure that almost two days will be more than enough to see the city. How much I was wrong. There is definitely space for improvement next time we visit here because the time slot we gave yourself wasn’t enough for all the beautiful spots Dubai has to offer. So what can you do in Dubai for less than 48h? Let’s see



  • Definitely stay at Shangri-La as it has the best view at Burj Khalifa so you don’t need to even leave your room to see one of the most famous buildings in the world
  • visit Dubai Mall. Again Shangri-La has a free shuttle to the mall which gives you easy access to see the aquarium and visit Burj Khalifa itself 
  • go to the top of Burj Khalifa 

go out at night and see the city which never sleeps. Seriously when you ask me about the city which never sleeps I’d say Dubai without any hesitation. Everyone is out at night going to clubs, restaurants, sitting and dine outside and no wonder why it’s just too hot to do these stuff in the daytime plus everyone has a job right? I recommend Benihana for great and entertaining dining experience visit Dubai desert

  • Seriously desert is a must in Dubai and you will see those never-ending sand dunes with your own eyes. Did you know that just tens kilometers away you can end up in Oman?
  • visit famous Miracle Gardens but remember they are open in winter which means from mid of November
  • stroll around at Jumeirah beach and see the famous island in shape of the palm. 

Tips for Dubai

Getting visa for UAE

    • As I am Polish didn’t have to apply for a visa beforehand just got stamped upon arrival without a fee. My husband who is Indian, however, had to apply for a prearranging visa via Emirates airlines which we were flying with. It took a couple of days to receive the document with a visa 
    • It took max. 1 minute at the immigration, so fast and straight forwarding. 
    • 15 minutes from Dubai airport to Shangri-La hotel and honestly we paid less with the taxi (65 dirhams ) than it was on the uber app. 
    • Metro is really nice and new but a bit tricky for first timers to get around as there are some different zones and you need to check which zone are you going to before purchasing the ticket
    • Dress code: I haven’t seen any particular dress code you should follow in Dubai. 80% of the population are foreigners and they are dress as they wish. In the beginning, I worried I should cover my arms and wear at least knee-long dresses but I saw it’s not necessary as most of the foreigners wore really open clothing. 

Many places in Dubai seems to be open 24h which is really great and feels like Dubai never sleeps change your money

  • . UAE has its own currency UAE dirhams and so you should have it upon your arrival for paying taxi driver and so on. We exchange 100 USD for our 40h stay in Dubai and it was definitely not enough and for food, we paid with ca ard.
  • 2 days are definitely not enough to visit Dubai so if you have a chance definitely stay for way longer, there is so much to see in Dubai.