My story

My story


Hi Everyone! I thought it would be a great time to introduce myself to those of you who come by this blog. My name is Nina and I’m from Poland, however, I haven’t lived in my country for 8 years now. After graduating I left to my dreamland – the USA to become aupair ;D That wasn’t my ambition to become a full-time nanny, however, I always wanted to taste American lifestyle but I would spend probably fortune to travel or live there on my own, thus the idea come along to participate in aupair program. The good thing about the program was that my return flight was provided with accommodation, car, food and some stipend. The drawback though was one – I had to take care of kids, which I honestly don’t like to much at that time. Now, I love kids but that time I just didn’t see myself as a nanny. I went and I got my great times and bad times, I lived with three different families, I flew private jets, I stayed in 5 stars hotels and rode good cars, not bad for aupair but still it wasn’t the life I wanted for myself. I lived in the remote area of Pennsylvania with no friends and people in miles and in Michigan where I had the best time ever. Then it was time to leave and I felt like I want to come back again. I gave a chance to my country but after few weeks I just couldn’t imagine myself living here anymore. I looked up for some projects in Africa, where I could be a volunteer. Africa always fascinated me and I dreamt of being a volunteer. Funny thing, in most cases I have been asked to pay money to participate in those projects which weren’t smoothing I could afford at the time. Fortunately, I found some job offer in China. Yes, it wants my first choice, I never was interested in China after all. But I gave it a go and I went. I visited Hong Kong before heading to the small city in China if you can say city populated by 1 mln. people is small. I met my current husband and I make China my permanent home for more than 5 years. We lived in big cities and small cities across China working and traveling in any free time we got. We visited many Asian countries and Europe while visiting my family back in Poland. My husband is Indian, thus sometimes we travel to India so that I can learn something more about his culture as well, however, my husband left India at an early age to pursue his studies, thus he thinks about his culture in entirely different perspective. And no, he is not from rich family but this story I’d save for later.

We move a lot, thus we don’t have a permanent home and try to not to get attached to stuff as sometimes it’s not economical to carry them with us we leave and buy new things all the time. We surely are at the stage of our life where we would love to make some place our permanent home, however, we don’t know where would that be yet.

I never imagined I would be a traveler. As a small girl, I got a lot of dreams. I knew I was different than other kids, always live in my own world. I wasn’t popular, I didn’t have many friends, I wasn’t the prettiest. I was shy and had a lot of insecurities. But I had big dreams and I always was confident I can make them come true. Traveling became one of them with time. My first trip was to Croatia after begging my parents to let me go to the tennis camp. They didn’t believe in traveling or spending money in traveling. They believe in hard work and saving, thus they didn’t understand why I wanted to go. I went and it was amazing. Then I went to Berlin with students tour. My first single trip abroad was in my last year of college when I decided to pursue my dream of visiting the USA. It was a great time to visit, the dollar was at the lowest rate and that was the best argument I could give my parents to let me go. Trust me, as the daughter of my parents I struggled a lot with spending money on the plane tickets. It was a lot of me and I wasn’t sure if its good idea but then I decided to go, it was my dream after all. I spent two amazing weeks in NYC and went back to states after graduating. The rest of the story I describe before.

Now, I cannot live without traveling. Few days at home feels like waste fo time. I love waking up in the morning in new place sip my morning coffee and go to explore the new place. I love taking pictures, however, until recently I didn’t like taking pictures of myself. I was too shy and to under confident about my looks. But things change, whole experience first in the USA, where I finally felt I belong somewhere and then in China where people would stay hundreds of time a day to me: ‘’you’re beautiful” would give me confidence and believe – yeah, maybe I am. And with that confidence, I gain, finally I could open a new chapter of my life, where I can not only let my husband take pictures of me but also share it on social media without fear and finally have something I can look at and smile.

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