Dining at Benihana – Japanese restaurant in Dubai

Dining at Benihana – Japanese restaurant in Dubai

I am obsessed lover of Japanese food. When you asked me what’s my favorite cuisine, Japanese will be in top 3. So when we got invite to Benihana while in Dubai, I didn’t hesitate but said yes.


You need to make a reservation to get a table or seat as it’s quite a busy restaurant. We were almost late as we kind of didn’t know how to navigate the Dubai metro. But we made it and were more than ready to dine. We sat at the bar where all the cooking will take place. We were seated and taken care of by a really attentive waiter who was excellent at his job. 

This was a busy day for us, just arrived in Dubai and rush for our dining experience here so we opt. for a bottle of wine to ease the hunger for Japanese food we didn’t have in months.  Well, moving to the small city in Poland doesn’t always feel like a good decision as access to good international dining is more than limited. Store bought sushi also almost never is a good idea. You must imagine our happiness when we were about to eat freshly made Japanese food.

Here he arrived. Our chef for the evening. His positive energy and a great sense of humor were obviously promised for a great evening. He made jokes, he made tricks, he fed us well, all and more you could wish for perfect Thursday night, which btw. is the start of the weekend in UAE.

Not only I haven’t laughed so much in days but I also haven’t eaten so much in my life. Food was simply delicious that we couldn’t stop yourself not to finish everything we got prepared by our chef. We left happy but sudden than we are here for so less that it will take a long time before we will be back at such an amazing place.