Hidden gems in Poland – must see

Hidden gems in Poland – must see

Poland is not the first choice when it comes to the travel destination. As a Polish girl, I always avoided traveling in Poland myself.  The weather is not good most of the time of the year, there are no turquoise waters, simply Poland was not attractive to me and I know is not attractive to many travelers.

Yet, after so many years of living and traveling abroad, I decided to rediscover Poland.

Summer would be the best time to travel in Poland; however late spring in Poland can offer amazing weather as well.

Poland is connected via railway, which makes easier for you to travel around the country. However, your other option is to travel by bus (there are cheap tickets if booked in advance on polskibus.com serving local and European routes)

As Polish, it’s definitely cheaper for me to travel in Poland, don’t worry, however, Polish are highly educated and more people can speak English now. Also buying train tickets should not be a problem, as at the station there are machines where you can get tickets and they are also in English and other languages.

From Warsaw you can get anywhere you want. In this post, I will focus on Pomerania – province in the North part of Poland.

Of course most probably if you headed to Poland you will arrive in Warsaw – the capital of Poland so there is no way you should skip sightseeing here.

The main attractions in Warsaw include historical Old Town with the castle, the Palace of Culture and Science, Palace on the Isle (free entrance of Thursday).

If you vegan it’s not a problem, Warsaw is the third world vegan-friendly capital in the world. Well, Polish food is not vegan-friendly at all but I really encourage you to try some polish dishes, especially – Pierogi or Placki ziemniaczane ( they are not vegan but vegetarian though)

But for now, let’s move away from Warsaw towards the upper part of Poland.

I picked Leba for a reason, it has broad, long white sand beaches, something you wouldn’t expect when thinking about Poland but no worries, many Polish don’t know it either. The only drawback is the fact that the water – more precisely, the Baltic Sea is not that attractive. I honestly wouldn’t do more there than maybe some windsurfing but even for that, you will be better off in Rewa or Kuznica.

Leba also has beautiful moving sand dunes, which are easily accessible by bike and you will find yourself cycling 10km through the National Forest, so you won’t even realize how fast times passed. The entrance is just 6pln ( 1.5 euro) and you will rent a bike for the whole day for 20pln (around 4.5 euro).

There is another option to get to the dunes by either car ( high parking fee and you will have to walk for few km), malaxer ( its kind of like golf cart but for more people and it cost around 20pln one way and the last the most challenging option –  walk.

I’d really recommend going early in the morning, or in the afternoon especially in summer as it can be hot and there is no place to hide. There is a great beach just walking through sand dunes and it’s more empty than other parts of Leba beach.

Food and accommodation will be really cheap in comparison to other parts of Europe.

From Leba we took the train to Gdynia as it was peak season, accommodation reached high prices so we found one room in Airbnb. Surprisingly we found one vegetarian restaurant just next to our place. It was vegetarian “Bar Mleczny”. Let me explain what Bar Mleczny is – it’s a diner really popular in Communism where you can eat Polish food fast and for cheap. But as polish food is not meat friendly, this particular place would serve only vegetarian meals without meat yay.

From Gdynia, we went by fast speed train to Sopot. It takes around 20 minutes to get to Sopot. We would then visit the famous Boardwalk, which is actually the longest in Europe. Unfortunately to get the pleasure of walking there you need to pay an entrance fee but only in summer. Wait until sunset, as it can be really beautiful and dress up warm as in the evening, can get chilly.

Beach in Sopot is not nice at all and I would say it so dirty, after time in the beach in Leba, Sopot beach is a big disappointment.

The next day we would pack our stuff go to the train station and take the public bus to Rewa which has seagull sandbar. I am polishing but I got to know about this place recently so I needed to go. We found accommodation just there. The weather was not good at all I thought I will be blown away by strong wind but it was a haven for kite surfers.

The next day we decided to leave as the weather wasn’t getting to be better. We went to Gdansk, left our luggage at the train station in lockers (around 14pln – 3euro/24h) and went to explore the old town of Gdansk. Mariacka street, long Market, and St. Mary’s church is the most famous to see and everything is in old town so you won’t miss it.

If you like jewelry you get yourself some cute handmade jewelry made with amber, which Gdansk is famous for.

We finish our trip in six days time, it was super intense but fulfilling and with beautiful weather which is always tricky in Poland.

I hope you can also have an amazing time in my country. I have to tell you I discover these places just recently and was so happy to see Poland from a different point of view. So when in Poland see less old towns and more beaches.

Tips for traveling in Poland

  • go by train or car ( there is a train called “Sloneczny” which runs only in summers and it’s cheaper and faster than other trains), also there is no tolls if you go by car so you just need to take care of rental and gas
  • Sloneczny train connect Warsaw with cities like Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and if you wanna go to Leba y
  • Polish usually stay at places call “wolne pokoje” which is like BnB without breakfast. Locals usually have a separate section of their house or separate building and usually, there is also a common kitchen and your room will come with a private bathroom, this way is cheaper and I think easier. To book room like this you will either have to contact owner directly, which you can find online or go directly to their house and ask if they have room available, which usually they do in off season or in peak season but in weekdays and in weekends it a bit more difficult but not impossible.
  • Try polish food its so tasty and cheap
  • Go off season ( May, June, early July and September) as in peak season with great weather beaches are full.
  • Take beach winbreak as the winds can be strong in Polish beach plus we just do it to have our own space at the beach haha