Magical Mykonos

Magical Mykonos

Well, If you go to Santorini is a shame not to go to nearby islands like Mykonos. So it was April and it was a direct ferry from Santorini to Mykonos so we went. The ferry cost us around 66 euro that time but I know during season prices rise rapidly.

After 3 hours or so we reached new port in Mykonos and toom public bus to old port which was the just short distance to our hotel in town center.
We paid for a hotel like 45 euro a night clean room and nice jacuzzi and common area. Thanks to the location we could easily see everything in Mykonos.

What’s there to do in Mykonos? Nothing much and a lot you can what you like. The main attraction is just center of Mykonos with narrow streets and white buildings. Little Venice, which is set of colorful buildings set by the water and windmills. Besides, there is nice nightlife here with cozy bars and restaurants.
If you on a budget, there is nice kebab places just in the city center with affordable prices and nice sitting area. You can also go outside of town as prices should be lower.
On a nice day, you can also take a public bus or rent scooter to get to many beaches on Mykonos island. We opted for Paradise beach which is the nice small beach.
It’s worth to check out time in the morning​ before all the tourist arrives​ and it’s​​s crowded.

You can watch the ​beautiful sunset by the windmills.
There is a ​direct bus from town to airport and it should be like 10 minutes ride. The airport​ is small just one small entrance so no need to arrive too much in advance. We were worried we will be late taking the ​bus as it was 1h before our flight departure, however,​ one – we were cheated by a ​taxi driver with price, second,​ we spent most of the time waiting at arrival hall before been allowed to go through​ security.

Enjoy Mykonos