Outfits from Na-kd fashion

Outfits from Na-kd fashion

Recently I’ve done a haul for Na-kd fashion. I receive 3 beautiful outfits: 1 dusty blue dress, jacket, and a bathing suit.

I must say, I was really surprised with fast delivery. I got my order within 3 days after placing an order. It was so fast and I thought as it’s an international brand it will take longer, however, I guess having a branch in Poland to help with the process.

Honestly, after living in China, I used to having everything ordered and deliver to home really fast. I absolutely don’t like clothing shopping in the store, it gives me a lot of headaches. I love the convenience of checking stuff online and having delivered them home with the option of returning them if they don’t fit.

I order size 36, which is the size I wear however for the jacket I got size 34, thinking 36 maybe be too big as I’m not that tall. I was wrong and should go with my regular size. Thankfully my mother could easily move buttons so I felt comfier and I didn’t have to squeeze in. Rest of the outfits fit perfectly.

The quality of the products is very satisfying so far and trust me I am really sensitive to it as I grow up around my tailor mother.

Check out my tries on these outfits and let me know what do you think.

Also if you like their clothes you can use code: cosmopolitanqa20 on www.na-kd.com

to receive 20% off on full price items, how cool is that?