Ramada Dar es Salaam – review

Ramada Dar es Salaam – review

When you think about Tanzania, you probably think safari, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and of course Dar es Salaam. However first thing would come in mind with Dar es Salaam would be capital and more sightseeing than relaxing by the beach. We couldn’t be more wrong. There is one place in Dar es Salaam when you can feel like you’re in Zanzibar without going to Zanzibar. So if you came to Tanzania for safari, business or any other purpose and want to run away from busy city this is the place to stay – Ramada Resort Dar es Salaam. 

I took us slightly over an hour to arrive here from the airport but less than half an hour to go back to the airport. How convenient?

Ramada dar es Salaam has advance security system, perfect design, great swimming pool with private beach area overlooking Indian Ocean and if you lucky, the view will be extended from your room. 

We stayed here for two days only and couldn’t feel more relaxed and well fed in hotels own restaurant, which spoils its guest with perfect, rich in choices meals during a day. 

Check out the pictures for your own.