Santorini dreaming

Santorini dreaming

Santorini wasn’t my dream destination until I saw pictures from this fairy tale place. I knew I have to see this beautiful but truly unique place. 

There where few recommendations online on where to stay and as we couldn’t decide on which is our favorite part, we stayed in two different towns – Oia, Imerovigli and one hotel near Imerovigli but with the best view. 

First, we arrived in Oia at around 6am. We got a connecting flight to Athens, thus we had to spend all night in Athens. Seriously, the airport here is not so bad for overnight connection, however, if they have deemed lights, it would be perfect. Yes, we were tired and barely rested when we reached Oia ( we took a bus from the airport). Then our hotel happened to be more of place without reception but with agency dealing with check-in. We only could leave our luggage and with no place to sit and rest we went to explore. It was super quiet and peaceful at this time and almost nobody walking the streets. Just at the noon, people start to arrive and streets get extra busy. It was just beginning of April but it the weather was amazing, sunny and warm. We were super lucky with the weather as we were told usually is not that warm in April. I can’t imagine what’s is like here in Summers with extra crowds to walk by. 

Our first hotel faced caldera and had a nice balcony with perfect sunset view. We couldn’t be happier. That said we could explore all of Oia from this place with no trouble or commuting. Plus if I could I’d sit on the balcony all day just watching incredible Aegean sea just in front of my eyes.  

Oia is super magnificent place build with local stone all white or pastel colors making together truly beautiful pictures place. 




Santorini hotels may be quite expensive especially if you wanna stay in the one with caldera view and hot tube/swimming pool. The cheapest we found was in Imerovigli with a hot tube for 120 euro but it didn’t have caldera view although with perfect sunset view and view at Oia. The other hotel we stayed, was just outside of Imerovigli, very peaceful with a perfect view at sea and other islands, I especially loved swimming pool, hot tube, and 5 start service. It was far to the town and only way is to get there by car or shuttle. Nearby was one of the best restaurants with affordable prices and super friendly owner. We even got complimentary delicious lemon cake. We had to walk her on the busy main road with no sidewalk but it was worth it. Its called Steki Tou Nikou and it is on the main road from Imerovigli to Oia.

We also stayed in Oia in the room with caldera and sunset view. It was perfect to explore Oia and see a magnificent sunset. We paid around 110 euro for the room. That said we spent everything on the hotels so that we had to save on food haha. Breakfast was included so we had to take care of lunch and dinner. Oia can be expensive for restaurants but there are few where you can get cheaper pizza. Yeah, I know pizza in Greece, disgrace! Unfortunately, it the cheapest option.

Now Imerovigli is cheaper and you can have a normal meal at a restaurant for around 16 euro for two. Also, the restaurant I mentioned above is cheap.

Thera is super crowded but also has plenty of different range of restaurants so you have plenty of choices depends on your budget.

Thera, Imerovigli and Oia have something to offer so you cant go wrong staying at either of these places. Of course, in my opinion, Oia is the most beautiful. You can easily commute to each place by local bus which is cheap.

Its the best to wake up early in the morning if you wanna avoid crowds, coming out at around noon.

You can take the ferry from Santorini to Mykonos and its nice fast way to commute between these two places. The road to port in Santorini is super crazy but very beautiful.

Roads are not super extreme in Santorini but can be busy. You have to part outside of Oia at the borders of town where you can find parking, and then walk.