Seven countries in two weeks. Exploring southern Europe

Seven countries in two weeks. Exploring southern Europe

What you gonna do if you don’t have anything to do and spare time. Learn how to play chess, read some books, clean up your closet, go for walk or if you not home stay home kind of person then go for intensive travelling session. I was a bit ashamed that I haven’t explored more of the Europe in recent years but mostly Asia and western Europe. It was time to change it. With hot weather approaching and positive attitude we headed to our first destination – Budapest. As it was last minute call, instead of quite expensive flight we took not that expensive bus 12h of ride thru Poland and Hungary. We arrived early morning headed to our hotel where we couldn’t check in until afternoon, so first stop coffee. We were tired, we needed shower but we started walking, we walked to the famous bridge, to the shopping street to the river side, heat was stronger and stronger but we walked until we didn’t have more energy but to get back to our hotel and get some rest.

We are honestly in love with Budapest. It has such a great touristic vibe with plenty of backpackers and also family travelers, plenty of culinary experience, great shopping and beautiful sight. We got just two days here so we rush into exploring the city as much as we could before living to


Skopje, Macedonia


It was too long way to go by bus so we opted for flight. Skopje seems to start developing in just recent years. Our hotel was actually on the boat and honestly there was not much things to see here besides newly arise buildings giving interesting feeling to the city. We rush to Ohrid lake for a day to have the best b&b booked with the direct view at the late. Lovely place.

From here is not that far to Tirana, Albania, which we though to go by bus. At the bus station after waiting for more than 2h bus finally came informing everyone that they don’t have spots left. Everyone gone mad. How come we asked, we have seat reservation. Nobody cared. We had to go to Tirana so we took taxi standing just outside. Sweet ride.


Tirana, Macedonia


With all delays we had just evening and morning to see Tirana. It was no time to rest. We explore so great coffee shop with vibe of communism and great area of Blloku, the most chic neighborhood of the city. Morning was left for more historical parts and city center before heading to


Budva and Kotor, Montenegro


Beautiful, pictures Montenegro stole my hear. Crystal clear water, amazing landscape Montenegro has it all. More, have you see old town of Budva and Kotor? If not you won’t be disappointed. Montenegro is my destination to go back to in near future.




Definitely we had to go to Kings Landing… oh sorry I mean Dubrovnik. I mean guys, Dubrovnik is spectacular and everyone knows it, so much that its bit overcrowded to this point that I read government has to limit tourist influx to the city.

From Dubrovnik it was time for Split. We got here by ferry. But I am in love with Montenegro so Split didn’t blow my mind.

When in Croatia, we had to see capital but Zagreb was like ghost town when we arrive. Everyone left for beach so mostly you could see tourist like ourselves here. We stayed this that at the most amazing apartment ever. I guess if you kind of nomad you just like to feel like home time to time. Zagreb is quite nice city but day is more than enough to explore it.


Vienna, Austria


We were so excited to arrive in Vienna as it was on our list for a long time. It didn’t disappointed. We stayed at this kind of hotel/apartment where there is no human contact involved to this point when something doesn’t work like internet there is no one to complain/not even by phone?! But Vienna is magical itself. We run from one place to another and couldn’t get enough of beauty of this city.


Bratislava, Slovenia


Just 1h away from Vienna, Bratislava has scenic old town with cozy restaurants and souvenir shops.


Krakow, Poland


Final destination, city in my country – Poland. I encourage every travel to visit. It’s beautiful all year around and if you get tired of the city, go to nearby Zakopane and you not only experience scenic polish mountains but whole different culture of this mountain town.