Taj Mahal from different view

Taj Mahal from different view

Taj Mahal is definitely on the list of everyone who wants to see seven wonders of the world or the one who wants to see the world itself J Taj Mahal is simply must. Probably you know the story of Taj Mahal, thus they say its great spot for lovers. However, wat not many may know, Taj Mahal has a mosque inside and is closed on every Friday for local Muslims to pray there.

If you visit Taj Mahal you will be part of a huge crowd which like you wants to see the wonder of the world. That said if you want to capture the great shot without crowd you may consider wake up before the sun is actually up to take the first spot in the line. Moreover, after security check, you would then have to then run fast to try to capture your perfect shot without people. Ok,let’ss don’t be crazy, even if you won’t be first you have few options, which will allow you to take great shots even in the middle of the day (thus lighting may not be that good also in the morning sun is not necessary there but instead some misty fog).

It was our second time in Taj Mahal. First time we came for a day trip from Delhi and due to our bus had some troubles, we got there really late having less time to do proper sightseeing and take descent picture.

This year we just got to hotel, checking our Facebook status and here it says “ exactly 4 years ago you visited Taj Mahal. We haven’t realized that until now and it was something exiting and surprising at the same time: four years passed so fast. Do you also feel that you learn so much in these years but you don’t feel older at all?

We had all day the next day as it was Friday and Taj Mahal was closed. We hired a rickshaw to go find some boat by the river to take picture of Taj from the boat. Rickshaw driver informed us that the boat ride is banned since few years now and thus offer to take us to park on the other side of the river to have a look at our spot of interested. We were reluctant when we got there as we couldn’t find any good spot to take picture and as we were living we took our last shot, which came out pretty good in our opinion.

On our way to hotel our rickshaw driver took us to some man living by the river who offer that he can take us for boat ride and quoted price of 5000 rupees. He wasn’t even aware the ride is prohibited. The price was definitely to high and we refused.

There is not to much to do in Agra so there rest of the day we spent in the hotel.

It’s Saturday finally, time to visit Taj from inside. I wore my lehenga which I kept from my brother in law’s wedding. I was obsessed with that outfit to that point I dragged it all the way back to India just to wear it inside Taj Mahal. Pretty insane?

We were one of the first there but line was forming longer and longer even thought it was still half an hour till the opening. My husband as he is Indian got inside as a one of the first and it took me a while before proceeding through security. Finally inside we look for the best spot to take a picture. We tried from inside the arches overlooking Taj but one side was in shade and the other overlooked some construction going on there. Then we took this shot. We liked it a lot.

On our way to pick up shoes we realized our ticket is missing and the guy we was in charged didn’t want to give us our shoes. After heated argument we had to leave a note with our phone number in the case real owner of the shoes will show up to claim them 😀

We weren’t ready to leave Agra without one more shot…shot from the river. So we went to the back of Taj and looked for fisherman with a boat. There were few soldiers responsible for security. This area is actually open to everyone and the fisherman, who actually lives there is the only one who can take you by boat and give you ride to see Taj Mahal. He can’t take a boat really close to the Taj but he will take you this way so you can capture the great shot. If you are tired of crowds inside Taj Mahal, I really encourage you to take this boat ride as its amazing experience and been on the water is so tranquil in opposite to what happens inside Taj. The ride cost only 600 rupeed and we didn’t even bargain as it was so cheap. Remember he is the only guy who can take you by boat on the river and nobody else is allowed to do so. If you want to find him just go to the riverside next to walls of Taj and he lives in the building by the river.

Hope you will enjoy your time in Agra!