The best beach in China

The best beach in China

Which attractions thinking of traveling to China come first to mind ? Certainly the Chinese Wall, Beijing, Shanghai and now more and more often Lijiang  or Zhangjiangjie. However, not many people know that China has a beach stretching along the South China Sea. This place, often called the Hawaii of China, is located in the south of China, on an island called Hainan. Here is also a city called Sanya, where crowds of Chinese people come from different parts of the country. But for many years Sanya was popular among visitors from Russian. So much so that it will not be difficult to find any information in Russian, as well as Russian restaurants.

2012. My first trip to Asia, to China in particular. I was supposed to stay here for half a year working, traveling, learning about the culture of this country. It was Labour Day Holiday. My partner, who has lived in China for many years, suggested a trip to Sanya. As we lived in a small city without an airport, we went there by bus (the idea was very bad, the journey was hours and uncomfortable, which is why I wouldn’t choose it again). Of course, Sanya has an airport, and now many nationalities can visit the island for 30 days without a visa to China.

When we arrived I felt that we are not in China. Maybe it’s different weather, or maybe the fact that everywhere except inscriptions in Chinese, but also in Russian. But the best part was that I could finally eat Polish food in a Russian restaurant. Yes, Ukrainian borscht and dumplings with cheese and potato pancakes are also eaten in Poland.

But to the point. This is our third trip to Sanya and for this occasion, we decided to stay in another that previously, area of Sanya and picked two hotels in Haitang Bei. A few months in Guangzhou took their toll and finally, we wanted to take a break from the crowds by relaxing by the pool or walking on a not very crowded beach.

I will describe the first hotel in a separate post, but now I would like to focus on Atlantis Sanya. Surely you have heard of Atlantis, popular especially in Dubai, but we were lucky that we could spend two nights at the first Atlantis hotel in China, here in Sanya.

The first impression and really what we expected was the fact that after arriving at the hotel we felt like in … China. Yes, maybe I surprised you with this statement, while crowds of people already in the lobby resemble those of the casino in Macao. yes, I know I’m in China, it’s like in China, but the main reason for our trip is that we had enough crowds. Well, but there are crowds, it didn’t discourage us because the hotel is simply breathtaking.

Check-in went quickly, even our face was scanned, so we had daily access to the aquarium and water park.

We forgot about the crowds after a while from entering the room. Room felt nice and cozy. Comfortable bed, bathroom with separate bath, toilet and shower, comfortable sofa. But we were fascinated by the view from the balcony. Yes, the beach stretches for kilometers, contrasting with turquoise water. We quickly understood that this was one of the best views from the balcony we saw. It’s hard to believe that this wonderful beach is in China.

But we couldn’t stay in the room forever. Besides there is many attractions hotel has to offer. 

What struck us was the view of the huge aquarium from the lobby. We’re in Atlantis, an underwater city, which the hotel is an imitation of. The aquarium extends over two floors and is very impressive. From the ground floor we got to the aquarium, and admission to the aquarium and water park is part of the package with the room. Before entering, the system scanned our faces and that’s how we got inside.

On the ground floor there are also restaurants and shops. Here is Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, where we had the opportunity to have dinner. I admit that I’m a big fan of programs with Gordon, so visiting his restaurant was a real experience. However, prices in China are much lower, which was no exception in this restaurant, so you can afford a meal here without great remorse. The food was also delicious, of course we ordered beef wellington, chicken wings, with of the taste I remember to this day. Also, the atmosphere is very relaxing, without much pressure from waiters, which is what I like the most.

The culmination of the evening was a C show, with very fascinating aquatic performance.

The next day, of course, wake up and run to the beaches, just to see the sunrise. Somehow it has become our tradition that once we are traveling we cannot miss the sunrise, because open scenery makes sunrise look so wonderful, and this one was no exception.

After such a good morning, we went for breakfast in one of the hotel restaurants. I have to admit that I love to eat breakfasts in hotels and I hate at the same time. And this is because the choice is enormous. from vegan, diet to even pizza and Indian cuisine. Everybody can find something for themselves. But I’m not good with choices and I would like to try everything right away. My diet is doomed again. The next day, only yogurt and boiled egg, and the rest of what I would like to eat, I put on my husband’s plate , and he gave me this pleasure and ate these delicacies.

We spent the rest of the morning in one of the hotel pools.

The hotel has several of its own restaurants, and one of them is …. offering typical Chinese dishes. In spite of several years spent in China, it was also here that I had the opportunity to taste the famous Peking duck for the first time, and from addiction I had spicy Chonqing soup every day. This is one of my favorite dishes in China which almost never disappoints. 

A few hours later we used the waterslides and aqua park pools. I admit that I haven’t had such a good time in this place for a long time, although some slides were a bit scary for me, but I’m glad I dared. What I did not like was the fact that before using one slide everyone was weighed, and this weight was recorded with marker on your hand. Ok, well, I laughed at parading with my weight written on my hand, especially in a place where most Chinese women weigh as much as ten years old girls.

Of course I allowed myself to dinner because we already had a reservation at the Singapore Crabs kitchen,  and I simply love seafood. The crab was delicious btw. and the atmosphere was peaceful and relaxing. Of course, butter prawns were recommended to us by the manager and so we tried it with no regrets. After the meal we went for a long walk along the beach. 

And so we spent the whole next day at the pool, trying to burn all those calories consumed in the previous days. Of course, returning to reality was not easy, but I still remember the view of a beautiful beach and I hope I will stay there again. See you soon Sanya.