The best Manor in China

The best manor in China


Not far away from bustling Guangzhou also known as Canton, there is paradise called Imperial Springs. Just two hours ride away you can find yourself in pictures place called Conghua. This is where Imperial Springs is located.  The name is not random but related to hot springs you can find here. For that reason, it’s perfect winter gateway, where you can warm yourself up in hot spring while sipping Chinese tea.

Many well know persona visited this place, including former president o United States, Bill Clinton and former Australian president, John Howard.  It’s not a coincidence as the place offers five stars amenities.

We lived in China for many years before but never came across a place like this. Well, if we knew, we would visit earlier as when you live in a city like Guangzhou, you surely will desire away time sometimes.

The check-in process was fast enough so that shortly after arrival we found our self in the room, enjoying the perfect view.

The bathroom was the size of my first apartment with both shower and bathtub from where again I could watch cloudy but pleasant Conghua sky.

The room offers more than you may need during your stay, especially because despite what we thought, we found our self-spending more time outdoors than indoors.

About activities here, they are plenty including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, yoga, taichi, spa, famous hot springs with 6 flavored pools, recreation center, Kingold museum, golf course available for members only though.

We got that great pleasure to stay also at a gorgeous luxury villa with private pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, beautiful Mountain View. This was the perfect illumination for our stay.

This Manor has its own restaurants including Hunter’s Lodge with cozy design and lighting was the perfect spot for romantic dinner and guess what, we spent Valentine’s day at this restaurant.

My favorite was however Chinese Restaurant – Imperial Palace. Here you not only can try authentic Cantonese cuisine but also dine in Chinese style in exclusive VIP rooms at a round table in comfort of your own private space. These kind of restaurants are popular among businessmen and families, offering a private bathroom, waiting for stuff and TV.

So when you traveling in China and may feel overwhelmed with bustling cities, you may treat yourself to a great weekend here at Imperial Springs, where you can charge your batteries for further exploration.