Turkish tea without masala

Turkish tea without masala

After seen some amazing shots from Turkey it becomes country on my bucket list and shortly after we landed in Istanbul.

I cannot say it was really difficult decision to make to visit Turkey. Definitely, current political instability made us think twice but not for that long. We wanted to go and we decided to spare our worries and follow our instincts.

Here we are in this beautiful country we the most friendly people I could’ve imagine.

Just after getting a taxi to our hotel, see all the scenery along the way, we knew this is the place we want to be. The landscape on the way from the airport to our hotel was brilliant with the city by the water.

We stayed in the hotel just right next to Blue Mosque offering an amazing view at this spectacular attraction.

We strolled between Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar and other attractions on the European side and Asian side of the city, stopping along the way for a glass of tea. It’s superb that part of Istanbul is located on the European continent and the other part of the Asian continent, which means you can simply travel between continents in matter or minutes.

Turkey is famous for so popular in Europe kebab, which here is served with bread on the side. Turkey can be difficult for vegetarians as on the menu I saw mostly meat dishes and some Italian addition to the menu.

But Turkey is not all about kebab. It’s a lifestyle, where people hang out in parks and squares in the evening, drink tea honestly I am not sure how many times a day but many and people ready to help you, give advice and direction anytime you ask or …look confused. I was so positively surprise by Istanbul that I didnt regret a minute I decided to spend in whole country two weeks.